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  • COMBO DeFi Aggregation Protocol Platform
  • pledge mining and governance in a fully decentralized manner.
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  • COMBO is headquartered in Singapore
  • Combo is headquartered in Singapore with a team of blockchain industry leaders from Russia, India, the US, and more.
  • Pledge
  • Staking
  • DEX
  • Alice
  • COMB
  • Uniswap
  • Balancer
  • Curve
  • Compound
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  • GXC
  • ETC
  • USDT
  • USDC
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  • COMBO-Club
  • Liquidity Mining
  • · Open DeFi aggregation protocol platform based on the Kuchain ecosystem
  • · Support trading through multiple DEX platforms such as Uniswap/Balancer
  • Access platform
  • cBTC/
  • COMB
  • cUSD
  • COMB
  • Alice
  • Bob
  • COMBO-Mint
  • Synthetic Assets Minting Mining
  • · cUSD is used as a stable currency for transactions within the synthetic asset ecosystem Obtained by pledging with COMB
  • · Synthetic asset ecosystem:
  • 1. Minting the synthetic assets of benchmarking gold, futures, BTC and other financial derivatives
  • 2. Users who have achieved a standard collateralization ratio are entitled to share transaction fees, as a bonus
  • 3. This reduces friction in transactions of various derivatives
Why Kuchain
COMB Ecosystem Application

  • Liquidity Mining
    · Mining after obtaining tradable tokens through transactions at decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap/Balancer

  • Synthetic Assets
    · Pledge with COMB tokens to obtain cUSD for transactions on the synthetic assets trading platform
    · Pledge with COMB tokens for minting synthetic assets
    · Transaction clearing and compensation

  • Ecosystem Governance
    · Users who pledge with up to 1% of their total issued COMB tokens may submit proposals for the project
    · COMB holders may participate in voting on proposals

  • Pledge Mining
    · Users who pledge with Tokens such as ETH/SNX/COMP can be issued with COMB as a reward
Founding Team
Sanyuk Stanislav Viktorovich Founder & CEO
Sanyuk initially focused on technical development and has rich experience in system development and languages such as Java, CSS and Linux.
Before founding COMBO, Sanyuk worked as a Solution Architect at CROC.
Mikhail Kondratev Co-Founder & CMO
Kondratev has many years of experience in technology development in IT industry, and his intellectual curiosity, attention to detail and perseverance are critical to the evolution of the changing fintech landscape.
Later, he participated in the development of several underlying blockchain architectures in the blockchain industry, and also participated in the investment of several projects, and is familiar with the blockchain financial market.
· Combo Project team established
· Combo Ecosystem White Paper V1 released
· Combo DeFi protocol developed
· ETH-based Token issued
· Combo collateral mining platform developed
· Protocol infrastructure improved and optimized, leading to higher protocol stability and security
· Synthetic assets trading platform official version launched
· Synthetic assets trading platform beta version launched
· Combo staking collateral platform official version launched
· Combo collateral platform beta version launched
· Comb staking mining platform developed
· Combo DEX entered into development stage
· Combo Ecosystem White Paper 2 released
· Combo DEX beta version launched
· Combo oracle developed